Feeding Kids: An ebook of our best family friendly recipes🌈

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One of our most frequent comments: Write me a cookbook food monkey! Just kidding, it’s usually nicer than that-but you always seem to want a sneak peak into our kitchen. I hate to tell you that a peak behind the velvet curtain sometimes turns up toast for dinner or the most questionable leftovers you can imagine.

What lunches used to look like when I had more f*cks. And energy.

But! After 13 years of cooking for kids of fluctuating levels of pickiness, I’ve learned some things.


  1. Carbs carbs carbs. You know you love em, you know they love em. Put it in noodle form and chances of success go way up
    Exhibit A
    Exhibit B

    59977_10150254131950453_6029840_n (1)
    Exhibit C

2. If you see someone else with kids that eat everything, it’s not you honey. Two kids from the same womb over here, one’s first words were “kale”, the other’s was “french fries”. Same parenting, different temperament and likes. Them’s just the breaks. Let’s see if you can guess which kid is which….


Mid song

390151_10151134060325453_2033941917_n (1)

You probably guessed right.

3. Try not to decide ahead of time what your kids will like or not like. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean they won’t. Spicy food? Seaweed? Other weird stuff? Give it a go, and try not to put your preconceived notions on them-they will certainly let you know if it’s a hard no.

Seaweed snacks. Just imagine the flare they can add ground into the back seat of your car!


So just for you, -I’ve put together a curated collection of 14 of the best easy-to-make recipes we have. Most are original. A few are versions of my favorites from other vegan chefs I’ve used again and again over the years.

Some kids fight plant based eating harder than others tho. Kid still loves squirrel.

Why for kids? First, because we just love em so darn much and want to stuff their sweet little faces with all the nice tasting, healthy (or at least *moderately* healthy) foods that will make em be strong and awesome. (though frankly adults need easy tasty meals too!)


Second, our little pals have to grow up and change the world, so teaching them young how to prepare and value food that respects the planet is where we find passion.

Still a carb. But, like, complex ya know?

It was important for us to share this free of charge, so I’ve created an ebook file that I can pass on directly to you through your email. Print it out if you like, share it with your friends-if it helps one parent get a vegetable to their picky toddler then I’ve done my job.

Suckers, there’s vitamins in everything.

You can get your very own copy by joining our mailing list (pinky promise not to clog up your inbox, I’ve written one newsletter in two years🙃 but am getting there)- 👉send us  your email here  👈 and a *hot off the imaginary presses* ebook is on it’s way to you.

Though no promises that your kids will let you read it, or make anything from it.

We’d absolutely love our feedback on what you make!

Feel free to go all out. Or say “shut up and eat”. I’ve been both places.

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