Food Portfolio

The hardest part of food photography is waiting to eat your food until after you get a good picture. Huge thanks to our friends and collegues who took some of these pictures and have allowed us to use them.

Our food portfolio is constantly expanding as we broaden the repertoire of what we do. In general, our lower brow, healthy junk food style food is found at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market (find us online starting November 1st), and through our pop up events and  festival line up. Our comfort food and take home services offer freezer and fridge items to make your life easier can also be purchased there, Daughter’s General Store, Union Market, Sigrid’s Health Foods and Tara Natural Foods.  High end foods that let our chef’s show off, are available through our restaurant takeovers, pop up schedule, collaborative and catering events. If you’re lucky,  you can catch our food at a wedding near you.

As an avid foodie and trained chef, we are constantly dreaming up new ideas, and enthusiastically taking your feedback to the direction of our work. Don’t see it? Just ask!

High End:

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Low Brow:

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Market and Grocery:

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What others have said about Knifey Spooney:

So so happy we were able to have you guys. I literally can not thank you enough for all your hard work- time not only preparing meals and serving but for responding to all of our emails and meeting with us multiple times before! I knew we made the right choice by picking you guys before anything else! You guys killed it last Sunday. One of my regrets from that day is not having you guys come up and get a round of applause because you deserve it. You’re food was just amazing in every way and your staff was so kind and sweet to our guests. Everyone and I mean everyone was raving about your food. You did it. You got my old Italian meat eating uncles to eat vegan, if only for one night! I owe you haha.

R. Sept 2019

I had a surprising lunch buffet at Eminence last Saturday. Just wanted to say how much I loved your vegan tapas! I am a born Bavarian and I am not a vegetarian. This was a fantastic experience. The seitan!!!! The dips! Fabulous!
Glad you are doing this. Looking forward to my next vegan meal.

C. Jan 2019