Our Story



Christina’s food passion started when she transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle in 2007. From that moment, she set out to show the world that not only does vegan food not suck, but it can be comparable in taste, texture and decadence to any non plant-based cuisine.

Her journey has taken her to Texas, Los Angeles, New York and coast to coast in Canada in search of the best vegan eats. After settling in Kingston, Ontario she shifted her full focus to learning and growing within the world of professional ‘cookery’.


Radford’s formal training in culinary studies and his strong roots in Kingston have led them to work for some of Kingston’s best restaurants.

Beginning as an apprentice, they left Kingston’s well respected Chien Noir to become the handmade pasta, Chef de Partie at Riva.

Rad left the fast paced kitchen industry work to pursue the growing demand for vegetarian cuisine in the community to enable a sustainable and delicious future.

With a shared sense of social justice and passion for the environment, Rad and Christina are working to bring sustainable plant based cuisine to Kingston and meet the growing demand for plant based lifestyles.

They are Knifey+Spooney