Bye October, it’s been a slice.

IMG_1459(1)Sorry pals, for one month and fourteen days we’ve been zombies. Here we are, just over a month into a business we didn’t intend to start now *at all*, and we’re finally able to take a breath deep enough to tell you about it. Without a name, and certainly without any sort of plan, we had Knifey Spooney sprout up around us.  In our very first month, we’ve had the pleasure of catering two amazingly posh dinner parties, led a cooking demo at Kingston Vegfest (while also simultaneously cooking and serving  *400* kick ass sandwiches), catered our first wedding (on Halloween, it was to die for 😉 ) and threw together a Thanksgiving meal-to-go extravaganza. Turns out Kingston was ready for plant based eating in a big way! All of this was done while we work full time day jobs and parent two kids. Needless to say, we’ve been both humbled and quite honestly a little surprised at the results. With our unexpected growth, we’ve had to figure things out on the fly….wing it, you could say. The first biggies were how the hell do we do this, and how does literally everything work. Other things we’ve learned along the way:

  1. Kids get *really* excited when you start a family business. Be prepared to break little hearts when they are told that our business banner cannot be hand made in glitter, and that we cannot tag a child-run lemonade stand onto every event (though maybe that one can be revisited sometimes).

  2. A social life is a luxury.

  3. You can be both the most tired and the most elated of your life at the same time (I knew this to be true because of parenting, but it turns out that similar euphoric highs can come from large scale food production also).

  4. When you believe in something with all of your heart, it has no choice but to come true (I knew this to be true because I get to love Rad, but it manifested spectacularly in this case also).

  5. There is a direct correlation between the fanciness of food we feed other people and how poorly we are able to feed ourselves. Did you know baked beans and cereal are technically dinner? We do. And also, we’re out of cereal.

  6. Finally, that the veg community is a really kick ass place to start a business. It feels like starting Knifey Spooney was a huge leap off a concert stage, and you’re all the roaring mosh pit- catching us like we’re a cloud and letting us ride this wave in total support and security. Thank you! To the Kingston Vegetarian Network for your faith in us and the resources you sent our way. Justin Ross for your enthusiasm, big kid business knowledge, and taking time away from your family to explain computer things to us, without being condescending :). To Rad’s momma Sandi-this literally wouldn’t be possible without the countless ways you have our back. To every single customer we’ve fed so far,  none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for being hungry, for blindly trusting these newbies, and for seeing our vision as we did.


This dream is still so exciting and evolving that we can hardly think of anything else. We are brimming with ideas to bring plant based foods to Kingston and the world in ways they’ve never seen before. Stay tuned, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet!

-Christina (Spooney)

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