How to eat our food

Our ever growing list of services:


At our core, we are professional cooks. We specialize in personalized dinner parties, cocktail parties, weddings, and all other life events that require something extra in the  food department. Our pleasure is creating a menu for you and your guest that you will remember forever.

Pop up events

Many of you know us thanks to our fabulous Vegfest food offerings. We do that and more, frequently hosting our own. Look for us at fun and fabulous events in your community. Most recently Knifey Spooney hosted Pajama brunch, a holiday vegan breakfast buffet, and look forward to presenting you with both the highest and the lowest brow pop up food parties in 2018.

Cooking classes

We love to play in the kitchen, and would love to show you how to make magic in your own home. We can come to you or we can work together to find a dream kitchen for our lessons. Some favorites are: easy weeknight meals, date night food, vegan junk food, the plant based bakery and a plethora of amazing ethnic food themes. Alternately,  we can start from the ground up and show you the basics of cooking such as knife skills, building a pantry and vegan food substitutions.  Let us know how you’d like to impress yourself and your friends, and it will be our pleasure to build it for you.

Weekly Specials

Sometimes we have weekly specials

Our commercial kitchen space is rented from Next church at 89 Colborne. Some Saturdays, we’re cooking up take home deluxe meals that we’ve made just for you- take it home, pop it in the oven and take all the glory. We advertise the week before on facebook, instagram and this website. Orders are taken in advance, and you can pay online or cash on delivery. Private message us to reserve your meals.

By request meal packages

By popular demand, we offer customers the chance to fill their freezer or just take care of a week’s worth of cooking. Full orders for one are $135, 1/2 order is $65.We offer a selection of our favorite meals, and you follow through with your commitment to eat better/take care of yourself/heal. This will change your life.

Holiday specials

The holidays are a hard time to be vegan. You either spend all day in the kitchen cooking for yourself or you have nothing to eat. We do it for you, and offer you a variety of “something special”s. Perfect also if you are hosting a vegan at your holiday table.

Restaurant consultation services

With over 15 years of combined restaurant experience and a fiery passion for fantastic food, we are proud to offer our unique skills to others in the food industry to diversify their vegan options. Think about it this way, when a group of people are choosing where to eat on a Saturday night and they have even one vegan in the group, the restaurant with a vegan option gets *everyone’s* money. So, let us show you how to go beyond a stuffed bell pepper and add delicious, whole food plant options to your menu that will wow vegans and everybody else. Further, we can show your staff how to create them and empower them with skills to build their own plant based creations in the future. Consultation services start at $100 an hour.