Subscription meal plans are here!

We ARE SO EXCITED to share the details with you about our subscription meal boxes. In partnership with Collective Joy Farm, we are offering weekly boxes with up to ten meals to help you get more time and more good food in your life.

How it works:

You will get a selection of

-fresh, organic greens/micros

-ready made vegan soups

-heat and eat frozen meals

Pickup is Saturday afternoon at Collective Joy (477 MacDonell) or delivery can be arranged.

Soups and frozen meals will vary but examples of soup flavours are Moroccan chickpea, red curry carrot and cream of mushroom. Meal varieties could be truffle mac and cheese, asparagus and mushroom bacon quiche, chick’un pot pie, gourmet vegan pizza and more.

Orders are now open, and our first weekly pickup will be April 15. As we start production, we are offering a very limited amount of spots, which will be increased as we go. Thanks so much for all of your interest-feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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