Jan 27th Cooking Class-Let’s go to Thailand

January is a cold, bleak time. Let us take you on an escape to the hills of Northern Thailand-we can all pretend we’re on a trip to the tropics. Just kidding though, you’re in a gymnasium in Kingston, and you had to wear snow boots to get here. That said, your tastebuds won’t know the difference!

Did you know that I (Christina, aka Spooney)was born in Thailand? Here I am being a baby on the beach. My parents were in international development, and we’ve been lucky to travel back to Thailand many times as I grew up. They both speak Thai, and are also fluent in Thai cooking. I got to grow up learning chopsticks before forks, and never take for granted what a culinary gift I’ve recieved.

While traditional Thai food is heavy in fish sauce and meats, we’ve tried to take the essence of sweet, spicy, salty and tangy flavours and turned it into reimagined plant based delights.

We’ll be making Khoa Soi, our family favourite. A noodle soup with a coconut curry base, it’s packed full of fresh vegetables, crunchy and soft noodles, puffy fried tofu and bean sprouts. Perfect for cold winter weather (and also hot summer weather, and also medium seasonal weather).

We’ll also make Larb, which is usually a spicy, sour meat based salad eaten with sticky rice or lettuce leaves from Northern Thailand. We’ll use plant based incredients to recreate something magical.

This class can offer gluten free options, so please let us know if you plan on attending and we’ll be sure to have gluten free noodles on hand.

Classes will run approximately 2 hours, and include a family style feast at the end. They take place at 89 Colborne (the gymnasium at Next church, enter through the glass door at the back of the building).

Tickets at $50 per person. We have a few “pay what you can” spots available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to claim these spots-we feel strongly about making our classes accessible to all, we just want to share food with you.

This space has a ramp to enter and has accessable, gender neutral washrooms. Please note, this space can be a bit echoey, which may be a challenge for those hard of hearing. Reach out if a sign language interpreter would be helpful for you, or if we can assist any further in your accesablity needs.

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