Thanksgiving 2022

Can you beleive we’re here already!? Every year it sneaks right up on us. This year, we’re simplifying a bit-if you haven’t heard, we had a baby in April and just aren’t able to do all the things we used to at this time. That means that we’re stepping back from complete meals, and just offering up frozen entrees and desserts leaving the sides up to you! You can purchase chick’un pot pies, made with pulled “chicken” from local oyster mushrooms and an assortment of hearty veggies. These come in both individual and family size for you to choose from.

We’ll also be featuring a gluten friendly entree option-a stuffed squash with a wild rice medly of mushrooms, fall veggies, dried berries and roasted nuts.

Photo courtesy of Quirky Love Photography

Orders are open now until Sept 27th.

Orders come frozen, thaw and heat to serve.

Pickup is Sept 29th and 30th at our kitchen in Next Church. 89 Colborne st, back of the building through the glass doors. Please text 613-876-1357 ahead of your pickup so we can have your items ready for you. 

Orders can be placed below, or by calling 613-876-1357

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  1. SH says:

    Hello is the cooking class 50 per person and how many would the Pumpkin Pie feed? Thanks love what you do


    1. The cooking class will be $50 per person and includes dinner. Pumpkin pie will feed 6. Thanks so much for the compliments *blush*


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