This week’s specials Feb 1

This week, we’ve got all sort of great options to make feeding yourself easier. Everyone’s all about soup these days, so Rad’s cooking up a creamy mushroom. A salad party can happen at your house-get a three pack of tahini caesar, creamy balsalmic and red wine vinagrette. Salads all day every day! We’re featuring Sherpa’s Pies-just like Shepard’s pie but with a twist, creamy sweet potato topper with an Impossible meat and veg filling. Finally for sweets-gluten free apple crisp and our all time best seller vulva cupcakes. If you are curious about what these are, you can find photos all over our instagram page-people can’t get enough of em lol!

How to order: You have a couple options. First, you can order through the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market. Ordering is open until Thursday at 8 pm, for Sunday pickup. You choose your prefered pick up time, and you can shop all of the vendors in one place. Pay by etransfer, it’s a great way to support local farmers and makers. Second option, you can order directly through us. Reach out through the “Conact us” section with what you’d like and we’ll arrange a convenient time for pickup in downtown Kingston.

Thanks for shopping local!

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