The Corporate Holiday About Love

Boy, this world has a lot of hate in it. As we try to navigate living in this post-capitalist society, spending more money seems silly. But spending it on food, to celebrate and show someone how much you love them-alright! Whether you’re pals, family, lovers or solo-we’ve got something tasty to help you celebrate.

First, we have a decadent high end meal to share.

You can get it for one or for two folks, and it comes cold-ready for you to heat and finish in the comfort of your own home. Instructions will be provided. Pickup will be downtown between 3-6 on Valentine’s day, but if you’re nice we can arrange an alternate time that works better for you. You will be contacted via email with further details.

If you wanna put your own touches on a special meal but are still looking for something romantic to do, consider giving the gift of a cooking class for two. On Feb 16th (so that we can do our meal pickups and also have an evening) for ourselves, our class will be over zoom at 6 pm. You will recieve via email a shopping list one week prior, and a zoom link and recipes list the week of.

If you’re looking for some smaller Valentine’s Sweeties, we’ve got Valentine’s talking heart cookies, in both nice and snarky editions.

Comes packaged to give. 6 vegan (though you’d never know it) sugar cookies with phrases like:

I like all Ur posts

Cute AF

Put me on your to-do list

So Fine

You’re right

Nextlix and chill

For a gal pal, or someone with a great sense of humour. Packaged to give. Comes with 6 vegan sugar cookies with phrases like:


U Sound like ur mother

Okay 4 ur age

Netflix & STFU

Bite Me

Platonic 4 eva

Finally, with what is now a Valentine’s traditions, Vulva cupcakes are making a cumback! You can get them in packs of 6 or 2, and they are perfect for anyone (even grandma)

Regarless of if you celebrate or not, we want you to know that we love you, we wish you love, and that you’re awesome, good looking and kind.

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