Specials this week Jan 3!

Well, it looks like we’re not going outside again for another million years. At this point, it doesn’t even feel like a big deal anymore. While the Memorial Market is still on vacation, we thought we were offer up some easy weeknight meals so it’s easier for you to leave the house for food a little less. Are we the only ones who still feel like slugs?

We’d love to cook you dinner-you can pretend we brought it for a dinner party and we’re all sitting around the table eating it like friends in the olden days when everything and everyone wasn’t carrying potentially life threatening pathogens. What a time it was to be alive, eh?

This week we have two special dinners for you, back by popular demand our authentically unauthentic tourtierre pies, in singular and family sizes. Made with Impossible meat for the “meatiest” experience possible, we add currants and veggies for some extra razzle dazzle. You can find them for order here, with pickup this Saturday downtown Kingston.

We’re also bringing back our Chick’Un pot pie, which is my personal favorite winter food. Hearty winter veg, thick gravy, roasted and pulled Fungi Connection local oyster mushrooms. Both pies come frozen for an easy weeknight meal whenever you need it-just defrost and enjoy!

Thanks for choosing us to have at your dinner table, and for supporting this small local business-you mean the world!

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