A little something extra

Oh hey there pals. So I’ve told you about our fancy Holiday meals, (and have now fixed a link that was essentially taking you in a loop back to the same post over and over. Tech is FUN) but how about the Extras. I’ve been told that I’m extra, so I’m going to assume that means sweet and wonderful and brightens everyone’s morning. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and Christmas morning (if you celebrate) is pretty special. What’s not special is missing all the fun because you’re in the kitchen making an elaborate breakfast. So, we’ve made a collection of items that come frozen-so you can defrost the night before and just pop in the oven to enjoy the next day.

Also, cookies. Because they are my favourite part of the holiday season. My mom used to make so many Christmas cookies, and then foolishly try to hide them from me. If I think back to what I got in trouble for the most as a child, it would be finding, and descimating her stash. So, like a big kid you can buy your own stash and luxuriously eat them in front of a fire or whatever-instead of in the dark laundry room hovering over the chest freezer like past me.

We have gluten free options as well, but please not that while we use care an attention in the creation of these items, we are a gluten heavy kitchen with shared equipment-so cross contamination is always a possiblity.

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