*Sold out*Fall!🍁🍂 Thanksgiving Menu

Sorry if you missed it, we’re all sold out! Thanks for all of your orders!

This happens every year.

It’s summer, it’s summer and then 💥bam💥, 14 emails asking what’s for thanksgiving dinner. So I guess it’s almost October, and it’s time. Here is a thanksgiving menu 🤷‍♀️. On the plus side, Thanksgiving is the best of the best in comforting fall foods and putting together a menu of classics is easy. This year, we’ll feature Rad’s hand rolled seitan which he’s been prefecting all year. It will be stuffed with stuffin’ because carbs are delicious. You’ll find other favorites on the menu, including a luscious pumpkin pie with cashew coconut icing. Orders can be placed here:

Meal for one

Meal for the fam

Please have orders in to us by October 8th so that we don’t drown in chaos. You can pick up your ready to heat and eat meals from us downtown from Oct 9-11th. (Pickup location will vary depending on our kitchen hours and which day you choose) Delivery is also available, but will be subject to additional delivery fees.

Giving thanks for you, who has sustained our business during a worldwide pandemic, who invites us to be part of their special days, and who trusts us again and again to make it delicious. What a bounty.

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