Wedding season is back!

While so many things about this pandemic are filed under the “this has never happened before” category, this wedding season is just that. I mean firstly, most weddings we usually do start planning a year or two out. This means all the back and forth conversations, decision making, tastings, etc happen during our slower winter months so we can get back to you right away. Hoo-ee, not this year.

We have many weddings scrambling together now that things are starting to open up, and inquiries for events happening a month or two out. This is totally unprecidented. It also means we’re getting a ton of inquiries that need detailed responses at the height of our busy season. If you’ve sent us a message, please have patience for us to get back to you or call us direct (613-876-1357) for a faster response. If you’re throwing together a last minute wedding, here are some tips for making the process faster and less stressful ahead of time. (On the other hand, if you are planning a wedding for the future and think you have lots of time to secure your caterer-we already have inquiries coming in for 2023. I think most vendors are going to see a very busy next couple of years as couples play catch up with all the cancelled events. So hit us up early to avoid disappointment.)

  1. Do your homework. Please check out our website portfolio and instagram to get an idea about our style and the type of foods you would like to have. It takes a long time to explain our entire catelogue to you, but we will if you need it.
  2. Know your budget and your guest numbers. Both of these things will help you decide how extravagent you can go with your foods. Bonus points if you know if there is a kitchen at your location that we can use.
  3. Have an idea of food allergies ahead of time. It is very helpful for us to know if you have nut allergic or gluten free guest, as many of our foods have these things and need special accomidation.
  4. Come see us at the Memorial Market if you can. Save yourself some time and come try our food ahead of time. Maybe you hate our style. Maybe you think we’re too sassy. Either way, come get the in person razzle dazzle and take us for a test drive.
  5. GET A WEDDING PLANNER. I can’t stress this enough. In particular if you’re on a tight time budget. You are going to have to do more research, more calling and less availablity to find everything you want. Worth every penny, seriously. Our favorite as both a couple getting married and as a vendor is Bowtied With Love. Heather makes life easier and more enjoyable for everyone.
  6. Feel free to add your favorite food if you don’t see it! We can make near anything, and many of our new favorite menu items were suggested by previous events-like these white chocolate blackberry tarts and strawberry coconut cream pies. We love trying new things!

We’ve added some new additions to our catering menu thanks to some creative wedding-havers-including a pasta bar option for maximum carb overload.

We’ve also added some new equipment to our fleet, including this OOni portable wood fired pizza oven, allowing us to offer on demand Sicilian pizzas with hand made everything for your guests as part of our late night menu. We don’t need power to make it hum, so we can bring it to whichever exotic locale you choose.

We’re proud to share our latest award-Silver winner in the Community Votes contest. We also took home Platinum (the top spot) for Best Vegetarian category, but that one wasn’t as much of surprise as this one. We were competing against bacon and fillet mignon in this category, and there was a lot of outstanding and talented competition that have been doing this a lot longer than we have. So thanks a million for believing in us!

To all the wedded-couples-to-be, thanks for considering us and thanks for considering vegan food!. A wedding done plant based can save up to five semi trucks full of water in food production, spare the lives of over 100 animals and introduce your guests to the creme de la creme of vegan dining. What a beautiful way to start a life together.

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