Mum’s The Word

Mother’s Day is coming right up. She’s been your support, your first love, your number one fan. What to get for the person who has everything? We’ve got you covered fam. We’ve put together this luxurious brunch box that turns your love into food. Make it plant based to tell her you want her around for a long long time to come. This gift comes packed full of small sizes of glorious favourites-so she can try everything! (Or get it for yourself, being a pet parent is worthy of a treat too 😋) $46 gets you the whole shebang. There’s also cute add ons if she needs an extra special treat like mimosas or vulva cupcakes. As always, everything we make is vegan, with local and organic where we can, and chocked full of our love.

Wanna go all out? You can add on these luxurious extras!

They’re baaack. For Mother’s Day. “Of all the vaginas in the world, I’m glad I came out of yours”. (Please note, all births are valid and not having a vaginal birth does not mean your mom wouldn’t enjoy the delight of eating a vulva shaped cupcake. Fun ideas for other wording on cards for those not having a vaginal birth would be appreciated. All I can think of is “aren’t you happy I didn’t stretch out yours” lol)

Rad and his momma extraordinaire, Sandi
1/2 of Knifey Spooney is run by a mother. A very tired mother.
My mama, Sheila, who lives in BC
Great mothers become great grandmothers

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