Food this week

Insert some sort of quipy words here. Folks, I’m feeling a bit burnt out. Creatively, physically, mentally I’m sure you (especially those of you with children learning at home) can relate to. So, you get what you get and you don’t get upset. Here’s this week’s Memorial Center Market, take it or leave it. We’ve got food. The food will taste good. You can eat it at home, because that’s your only choice. The food will be vegan, and feature local mushrooms from The Fungi Connection in place of meaty counterparts. We also have some tasty treats, because frankly I have to put it on a menu and offer it to others so I can justify making and eating so much of it. Sweets are my favorite food group these days. You can also order our famous vulva cupcakes, cause why the hell not. You have from Tuesday at 12 until Thursday at 8 pm to get in your order for Sunday pickup. If Sunday doesn’t work for you, reach out and we’ll begrudgedly rearange our schedule to get it to you at a time more convenient (for you).

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