This week fresh for you

Hi pals! We’ve heard you (and mostly made empty promises to be honest) but here we are-this one’s for our gluten free friends! This week, we’ll feature a special recipe gluten free mac and cheese, with a crispy breadcrumb topping and a cashew veg cream sause. We’ve also made the Nanaimo bars with a gf recipe this time so that you can enjoy it’s luscious goodness. Open now for orders until Thursday at 8 pm. You can also call or contact us directly to place an order for this week’s market items. We spent some time last week on the phone walking a couple through the sign up process through the market as it wasn’t clear to them. If they might be you, please feel free to call us at 613-876-1357 so that we can help you access this incredible portal to fresh, local food.

Creamy mac sauce, gluten free nudies and toasty breadcrumb topping.

How we manage our work load is planning our market menu based off of some of our private catering orders for the week. This week, we’re celebrating the birthday of one very special front line worker (ICU hero Liz, HBD baby!) and extending some of their birthday requests for you to purchase. You can get Unicorn cupcakes (with an frosted cookie horn) in pastel colours, with fancy sprinkles. It’s perfect for the kids, or kids at heart, or folks know that they are rare, one of a kind and fucking fabulous. We infuse it with tasty magic just for you!

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