This week’s tasty vittles

Back by popular demand, your favorite vegan lasagna. We get so many requests for this that we can barely keep up-in fact, you can thank a hungry customer who’s been chasing our GF lasagnas around the city for her preorder, she’s the reason we’re hittin the noodles hard this week. You can get em for one, or a big family one so you can have leftovers (or I guess share some with your family lol). We make the sauce from fire roasted tomatoes, the garlic ricotta by hand with cashews and tofu and fresh basil, roasty toasty veg mix and cashew mozzerella to top it off. You can also get it gluten free if that’s your bag baby.

For inquiring minds, our menu rotatates every week-we usually work out making favorites like lasagna about once a month. (It’s a pretty exhaustive process making huge batches with everything from scratch as you can imagine.) We’ll also have Rad’s delicious Sicilian crust hand tossed pizza, loaded with all the gourmet toppings you deserve. We’re adding a new dressing this week-creamy balsalmic, with garlic, maple and lemon, perfect if you’re hoping to eat more green things. We’ll still have our classic Miso, we just can’t get enough of this new one and wanted you to try it too.

Other goodies, Spicy and Applewood Seitan sausages, vanilla and milk chocolate cupcakes and cinnamon bunz (which I’m tucking away again after this week-they are a pain in the ass to make and I have a very love/hate relationship with them). The Memorial Market is open tuesdays from noon until thursday at 8 pm, where you can make your online order (pay via etransfer) for Sunday pickup or delivery. As always, if you can’t make that work-please reach out to us via the “Contact Us” page and we’ll do our best to arrange alternate pickup or delivery days/times. Thanks for your continued support as we sail the pandemic waters as a small business ❤

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