Easter Feaster 2021

My children never fail to let me know when Easter is coming. Despite our kids being almost 15 and 12, it is still one of their favorites. They love doing scavenger hunts, and mostly in our house that it’s just a holiday about treats. One of their very favorites is the cream eggs I make, one year I did a giant one with all the leftovers that still lives on in infamy. So, I’m sharing our traditions you you-presenting our Easter Feaster menu for this year. You can get full meals, but also feel free to contact us if you want to purchase items a la carte.

For our main, we’ve chosen an Asparagus and local shiitake mushroom “bacon” quiche. A flakey, “buttery” crust, and a savory, flavourful tofu based quiche. On the side, a creamy scalloped potato and my favorite roasted brussel sprouts with tangy pomegranate mollases and sesame seeds.

Yours won’t have this salad unless you make it yourself. Photo for reference 😀

For dessert, we’re offering lemon meringue pie. Last time we did this, we claimed we would never make this again-yet here we are craving it again. So, like the gluttens for punishment that we are-we’re taking it on for you. Flakey crust, tangy lemon curd and aquafaba meringue.

We’ll also be offering vegan mini cream eggs because we can’t let omnivores have all the fun.

Orders can be placed at http://www.knifey-spooney.myshopify.com or through the links below. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss gluten free options (the Quiche can be made as a frittata without the crust, and if you’re an early bird-there’s a chance we can sub the pie for a black forrest cheesecake). Final orders are due by April 1st with pickup downtown on the 3rd. Delivery will also be made available. Wishing you the happiest spring !

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