Memorial Market Goodies March 28

Hey friends! We’ve got lots of chances for you to eat like kings and queens and in betweens all week. Check out our other post for our Sunday pop up menu with an array of delights like our most famous Lobster Roll and Maple “Bacon” Donuts. (Rad’s been obsessed with donuts recently, so come have a go at his latest passion product). Since we still get asked, yep-everything is vegan and always has been! This week through the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market, we have some customer favorites like our Chick’un pot pie, “Everyone goes wild’ for this lentil soup, miso dressing and some special treats (you can also find the treats at Daughter’s, 63 John st, on Saturday mornings from 10 until sell out. Don’t wait until day end or you’ll be sad)

For treats, this gluten free cheesecake. Almond brownie base, luscious cheesecake middle and fresh cherry topping. Please note, it contains nuts (almonds and cashews) soy and coconut. Also, we strive to be as safe as possible for our Celiac friends, but do work with gluten in our kitchen so cross contamination is possible.

For the first time ever, I’m giving this a go. After a romantically Canadian weekend of maple syrup boiling, we’re ga ga about all things maple and are bringing it to Butter tart town.

Here’s a glamour shot of some chick’un pot pie. Yum!

Shop the market from 12 pm on Tuesday until 8 pm Thursday (the early birds get the best goods!) For Sunday pick up or delivery. Thanks for your enthusiasm for local food!

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