This week’s market Menu

Yum, another week-another chance to wow you with all the incredible ways you can make food out of plants. We’re prepping for a wedding this week, so we’re offering up some of our “fancy” food, like our Ocean Wisest TM Smoked Salmon, both straight up and in a quiche. You can also get some Nanaimo bars, which were a quick sell out last week. Did you read all about the Nanaimo bar contriversy last week-hilarous Canadians getting upset about the ratio of filling to bottom. I’ve taken that into account and hope to be offering you the most perfect squares. The chocolate is fair trade organic dark chocolate, and it’s oh so nice. We also have pizzas, sausages and miso dressing for those of you that love the favorites. Orders open Tuesday at noon and run until Thursday at 8 pm for Sunday pickup or delivery. If this doesn’t work for you or your schedule, just reach out and we can arrange to get items to you in a manner that works best for your life. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm to shop and eat local!

The quiche is also available crustless as a frittata. for those that wish to have theirs without gluten.

We haven’t offered cheesecake in a really long time, and since we’re doing up some samples for an upcoming wedding-I thought I would extend the offer to you as well. Available in mini cheesecake doubles, or full family size-in both gluten and gluten free varieties. Please note-we use a lot of gluten in our cooking so cross contamination is possible.

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