International Women’s Day-and why you need to be part of it ✨

I’m incredibly excited and honoured to be participating in this year’s International Women’s Day event. Firstly, women are *amazing*-from my wonderful mother and mother in law who helped shape and guide who I am and are my biggest cheerleaders, to my mom friends who keep me sane (or join me in my crazy), to my child free friends who help me have fun, to our kitchen and business helpers who show up when we need them, to all the amazing multitalented women who run this community (and let’s be honest, the world). Thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to the world. This event is for you- such a wonderful opportunitity to both do good, have fun and get amazing stuff. For your ticket purchase, $40 will be donated to Kingston Interval House and you’ll be in for great prizes. With the $100 ticket, you’ll make a $40 donation plus get a goodie bag packed with some really great stuff (including our famous Vulva cupcake) and you’ll get to participate in the virtual event. I’ll be leading a demo on making vegan coconut whip cream, in my opinion worth the admission price alone.

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