Finally-we can see you in person!

You’ve been green zones bay-bee! We are so excited to be able to offer you in person food service. This Saturday at Daughter’s (63 John Street) we’ll be offering some truly delicious hot foods. Things we’ll have: French Dip Sammies-artisan bread, “beef” jus for dipping, crispy onions, 12 hour braised local lion’s mane mushrooms (amazingly beef like) and bleu roquefort nut cheese. Hot damn. We’ll also have grilled brie sandos, with apple butter, sliced Hall’s apples and arugla. Other goodies-sausage rolls. Hand made seitan sausages, rolled in puff pastry with local maple mustard dipping sauce. We’ll also have baked goodies. We’ll be there from 11-2 (card prefered). Please note, the store limit is 6 customers, so expect a wait. You’ll most likely be waiting outside for safety, so please dress for the weather!

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