Fresh this week Feb 26/27

On special this week-vegan millionaire squares. What’s this? Layers of “buttery” shortbread, caramel and salted chocolate. Yum. Comes in a small tray, because just one won’t be enough.

Rad’s pizza obsession continues-in addition to our traditional (carmelized onion, pear, arugula, walnut and truffle cream), we’re adding a local pulled mushroom “pork” with smoked sausage and bleu on a tomato base. Still on the same hand tossed Sicilian crust and with our special roquefort bleu nut cheese.

Additional menu items- carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheeze icing and walnuts, and lasagnas-both with gluten and without!

Orders can be placed until 8 pm through the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market for Sunday pickup, or you can reach out to us directly to place your order from us and arrange alternate pickup or delivery.

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