This week’s menu-We got the love

At noon today, The Memorial Center opens for all your Valentine’s/regular eating needs. Order online until Thursday at 8 for Sunday pickup or delivery. We’ve put together a sexy/bougie appetizer trio for a delicious night.

Faux Gras-truffled shiitake pate, carrot smoked salmon with lemon cream and beet tartare with horseradish aioli. Served with crostinis. Made with tasty local ingredients from The Fungi Connection, Main Street Urban Farm & Roots Down Organic. You can also get thematic sugar cookies,

DIY breakfast bagel packs for your romantical brunching needs,

and bleu cheese is ready-so you can find it on this week’s pizza with pear, caramelized onion, arugula and truffle cream…🤤

While we fully recognize that Valentine’s in a made up holiday invented to sell crap you don’t need-we *love* you, and with all the hate in the world-any excuse to shower each other with the opposite is beautiful. So it’s our pleasure to bake love right into each and every thing we make for you. ❤️😘👨‍🍳

Photo credit: Viara Meliva Photography

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