Fresh this week-February 2-7

Hey pals, this week coming in hot (or frozen as the case may be)…

This once in a blue moon offering is a customer favorite! Here’s the recipe for the best party you ever had:

Our “cheddar” and chive pierogis boiled then pan fried, smothered in the handmade cashew sour cream that comes with it. A large smear of Hall’s apple butter on the base of your plate, and a heap of red saurkraut on top. Extra bonus points if you add vegan bacon and make some carmelized onions. A dash of cracked pepper and you’re off to carb heaven. For something sweet:

We couldn’t decide if we liked cupcakes or cookies more, so we’re doing both. Fluffy vanilla chocolate chip base, bright blue (naturally coloured-food dye free) buttercream frosting with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on top. Perfect for kids of all ages.

We’re also featuring your favorites seitan sausages, cheese, cinnamon rolls and miso dressing for all your easy meal needs. Order through the Memorial Farmer’s Market from Tuesday at noon until Thursday at 8 pm for Sunday pickup or delivery. If you’de prefer to order directly from us, just reach out and we’ll make it happen!

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