Fresh this week Jan 26-31

Hi friends, this week for you we’re offering both through the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market and direct to you (just reach out and we’ll make it happen!) Orders through the market open tuesday at noon and remain until Thursday at 8 pm for pickup or delivery on Sunday.

Hand made sicilian crust, zesty tomato sauce, roasted mushrooms, seitan sausage crumbles, peppers, onions and violife dairy free shredded cheeze.

Rad’s very special Brie cheese will be the star of this pizza. Made by hand with nuts and authentic brie cheese molds, We’ll pair this special ingredient with truffle cream as the base, and top it with pears, carmelized onion, arugula and walnuts. So speical, so delicious, so frozen-so you can enjoy whenever you want. Contains nuts and gluten

This is a delicious, rarely vegan option is a thick, hearty and well spiced soup. Flavoured with lentils, apples, coconut milk-it features warm curry flavours and spices. Perfect for dipping Naan bread in.

Fluffy chocolate with vanilla buttercream, classic flavours just for you. You can also order cinnamon buns if cupcakes aren’t your thing.

You’ll also be able to get miso dressing, seitan sausages, almond chevre and other favorites. Shop the market here or reach out to arrange pickup or delivery from us directly.

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