Fresh this week- Jan 19-24

Hi friends, the market opens today at noon for all your easy meals and goodies. This week on offer is

– Our famous mac and and cheese with local pulled oyster mushrooms in a tangy bbq sauce. Comes frozen, ready to help you out with a hot tasty dinner on after a busy day. Contains nuts and gluten.

-Shiitake truffled pate “Faux Gras” This pate is truly something special. Rad’s plant based take on the classic (but notoriously cruel) fois gras, it’s rich and has an incredible depth of flavour. Perfect for your charcutterie, smearing on a bagette, elevating your bahn mi sandwich.
Contains nuts and soy.

-Sausage and pineapple pizzas (super limited amount-if you want one, you’ll need to be on this at noon) Hand made sausage, sicilian crust, homemade sauce. Topped with pineapple, sautied mushrooms and violife cheese (which is surprisingly awesome).

-Our regular selection of spicy, souvlaki and applewood seitan sausages.

-Almond Chevre

-Cinnamon bunz-cause every time I take a week off you get sad.

Items available through the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market (open tuesday at noon-thursday at 8 pm online, for Sunday pickup or delivery) Alternatively, items are will be available at Daughter’s General Store at 63 John street (Pizzas, mac and Cinnamon buns will be delivered Saturday) Other items available this week at Daughter’s will be Shepard’s pies, and meat loafs-just like mom used to make but without ground up animals😁

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