Fresh this week- Jan 16/17 edition

Hi pals!

This week at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market (available to order from Tuesday at noon until Thursday at 8 pm for Sunday pickup or delivery) we have:

Oh baby, Shepard’s pie. Much to Rad’s chargrin, we’ll be featuring a hearty, stick to your ribs pie. We use Beyond Meat (or it’s closest on sale relative) to fill this pie with authentic meaty flavour and texture and winter veg for health. It’s low on the gluten scale (though we use a shared kitchen and equipment, with lots of wheaty dishes so cross contamination is possible)

Also available through the market are some of our vegan stuffings, which have been reviews as ” OMG that stuffing. I have no words except what is the recipe for it!!!! It was so friggen good” It’s the last of the season, and we only have a few-so get on it!

We’ll be offering Rad’s lentil soup, which is a personal family favorite-by some mystery it’s one of the kid’s favorite and most requested meals. So hearty- full of Indian spices, as much veggies as we can cram in there and coconut milk for richness and flavour. Available through the market and at Daughter’s on the weekend.

Finally, we’ll have carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheeze icing available through the market, at Daughter’s and BSE Skateboard and Coffee shop this Saturday.

Yum! We always love catering to your every whim-so let us know if there’s something special you’d like us to cook up for next week, or you’d like any of these products delivered to your home instead. Covid is serious business, and we want to do our part to make it easier for you to stay home, just ask!

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