Happy New Year

Hi friends, with a happy heart we wish you a safe and wonderful 2021- a huge thank you for your part in helping us survive and even thrive in 2020! We had a surprisingly good year considering, but missed most of all the face to face interactions we had with you. Whether it was at your weddings and events, catering your dinners, seeing you at cooking classes or all the fun we had working community events-we had a very different type of business this year than ever before and missed you very much. While we didn’t get the face to face, you were all still very hungry-and we changed courses to offer delivered meals, and a lot more meal and food solutions while growing into more locations. We had a great time meeting some of you west enders through the YGK West Farmer’s Market, which we’re sad to report has closed it’s doors at the end of December.

We got a chance to meet and work with Kingston’s newest vegetarian store (Daugher’s General Store, 63 John St) which has an incredible selection of vegan products and is right in the Skeleton Park neighborhood. You guys love it too- we’ve had trouble keeping up with the demand! Thanks for spending your hard earned money on hand crafted plant based options!

In our reflections on one wild year (particularily at the end, when we were run ragged creating all of the vulva cupcakes, Christmas baked goods, a pop up and then a million holiday orders ) we like to reevaluate why we’re still here-and if our fires are still burning to do work like this. It honestly felt like the reserves were low, and this movie was just the pick-me-up we needed.

Far from a doom and gloom movie, this beautifully shot documentary is the personal witness statement to the changes he’s seen in his lifetime as a naturalist. Full of beautiful and moving images of our incredible natural world and sombering information about what’s happened and what’s to come. While I personally felt a cataclismic shifts akin to the first time I watched “An Inconvenient Truth”, it ends on a surprisingly hopeful note-so please don’t be afraid to dive right in. In conculsion, this is why we’re still here and it’s the same reason why we started- the planet cannot support billions of meat eaters, and our collective habits will leave the world uninhabitable in our children’s lifetimes. Futher, the current realities that made last year so awful were born out of zoonotic disease-which will only continue as we farm animals in intensive and unnatural situations. (As they say, “Tofu never caused a pandemic”) Our mission remains, to make plant based food accessable, easy and fun-to as many people as we possibly can. You can eat more plants, and we can help!

We watched this awesome movie Netflix and encourage you to as well. Thanks for every little choice you make to tread lighter on our planet-we don’t need 100 perfect vegans (P.S. they don’t exist), we need millions of imperfect humans trying their best every day.

Cheers to this new year, and many, many more.

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