Dec 5 West End Pop Up

So excited to tell you what’s up this week! We’re bringing our show on the road, and we’re bringing our friends with us to the YGK West Farmer’s Market ( 730 Front Road)! This Saturday-West Kingston, we’re coming for you. You’ll find us, the best dumplings ever from @farmsumfood cooked to order, and our bb from Colborne Street Cafe-making tasty oat milk based coffee and hot chocolate drinks. Rad’s next batch of bleu and Bree cheeze are ready to go, so look for the tastiest grilled cheezus of all time. Please dress for the weather, as the store only allows three customers in at a time. Once you place and pay for your order, you will be asked to wait outside or in your car until your order(s) are ready. Thanks for your cooperation as we do our best to safely navigate our businesses during a pandemic. Payment can be made in cash or credit card (debit cards that can be used online as well-as long as it has a CVC code on the back, our system can take it!) See you there!

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