Fresh this week

This week, we turn local harvest goodness into gorgeous plant based meal options.

On special: A velvety Butternut Squash soup, made with beauties from the Memorial Farmer’s Market , a local love vegan lasagna (gluten free available if you swing that way) with cashew basil garlic ricotta, from scratch sauce, roasty veg and a creamy mozz sauce. Over and over again, the lasagna is everybody’s favorite. Ask Lola, who says “can I have this for breakfast?” and would eat the whole pan in one sitting if allowed. To round out your meal, carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheeze frosting. We put carrots in it ( cause vegetables), and walnuts for flavour. You can also get miso dressing for…everything. Great to use up your fresh greens from the market, toss with roasted veg for a quick side, or for a saucy finish to an “everything in the fridge” rice bowl.

Get in your orders through the Memorial Market (orders due by Thursday at 8pm for pickup Sunday) or through The West Market YGK. Cupcake singles 🧁 can be found a la carte later on this week at BSE Cafe (also check out this great article about our new pals! ) and at West Market YGK (730 Front Road by Days on front, now selling gourmet vegan food where Bob’s Meat used to be). We now spend a few days a week working in the kitche at this market-if you ever want to come check out how we make things, ask questions about ingredients,sourcing, cooking, or to catch small batch goodies that aren’t always advertised-try your luck Wednesdays or Thursdays. There is an incredible selection of fresh bread, raw goodies from Real Food Micro Farm (including fresh juice, yum, lifeblood!), local fruits and vegetables, wild foraged items, maply syrup, vegan and/or gluten free baked goods, and lots of tasty ready made dips, cheezes, salads, steamed buns, pizzas and more. It changes constantly, so it’s a bit like playing the culinary lottery-fun!

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