Just for you, just for this week

Hey friends, it’s 🍂🍁Soup Season 🍁🍂 !This week’s specials are freakin souper . We’re offering a chance to try three of our favourite soups:

-Corn/“Clam” chowder (Insert your favourite Simpson’s clam chowder line here). Rich and hearty yum.

-Tortilla soup filled with potatoes, corn, black bean and a rich tomato tortilla broth. Served with chips and cashew sour cream.

-Classic cream of mushroom soup, like mom used to make but without the passive aggression because it’s vegan, and you just can’t do that. 😛

You can get them all, or pick your fave by itself. Also, consider washing it down with deluxe carrot cake cupcakes with cashew cream cheeze frosting.

Get your order in from @memorialmarket if you’re closer to there by Thursday night, or @ygkwestmarket if you’re in Kingston’s west side. We also have sausages, cheeses and the like if you want to eat more than just soup and cupcakes. Just ask!

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