This week’s delivery menu: Local Love Lasagna. Fresh food season is here!

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed something special in the air. 🐣Baby birds, and vibrant spring flowers,🌱sunshine and the urge to plunge our hands into soil and bring forth edible life. It’s practically a postcard for spring in Kingston, and it feels like luxury. 🤸‍♀️ The other thing that feels like one of the finer things in life-how food taste when it comes from your neighborhood farmer, or if you’re lucky enough-your own backyard. Since foods start to loose nutrion right away when they are picked, eating fresh, in season foods is best for our bodies, our communities, the planet aaaand our tummies. And guess what party people, it’s mother flippin growing season! There are fresh greens, herbs, mushrooms, and the current belles of the ball-asparagus and rhubarb!

This week, our feature will be the lasagna you know and love- nut based mozzerella, on top of handmade sauce, and cashew basil ricotta-but we’d love to introduce you to our VIP local guest stars. First up, Main Steet Urban Farm-who will be growing with love for us the greens and asparagus. Then, Kelly’s Gourmet Mushrooms will fill it with roasty flavour and protein.We’re also offering the lasagnas with a gluten free option, sorry to our gluten free pals that we’ve fallen down a dough-y rabbit hole lately-here is an I’m sorry present.

The other treat we’re bringing you this week will be a gourmet dessert-local rhubarb upside down cake with ginger coconut cashew cream for the top.  You can get a slice, or you can buy the whole cake and have 8 slices. (One of our favorite customers (AMP) is the reason we have the “buy the cake” option. The joy she gets from our baked goods is probably the whole reason behind our “Lick the Spoon” baking division 😉)

45095163_2366460250048201_6094025918295048192_n (2)
Not exactly as pictured, but an example of our upside down cake (this one was pear and blackberry). If you’re lucky enough to have that many bottles of Karlo Estates wine-*slow drawl out whistle* Lucky you!

How it will come: Fridge: Cake, seitan, bagels. Frozen: Lasagnas-made fresh, but frozen because they can’t stack without ruining if they aren’t 🙂 and we usually have to make a million. Defrost for fastest cook time, but can be cooked right from frozen. 

Single use plastics: We shed a tear every time we have to slap a “Sustainable Plant Based Cuisine” sticker on a plastic wrapped package. We had taken some really big steps this year in both our production processes, packing and distribution methods to stay as true to our mission as possible. And now everything is wrapped and sometimes double wrapped in plastic. Whomp whomp. It’s shit and we hate it. Covid-19 has changed so much and it seems like we’ve 100 steps back in some ways. We still feel like offering plant based options in YGk is worth doing, even if imperfectly. The science on climate change and our dietary choices is clear-if people are looking for prepared food and can’t find plant based options, the secondard choice they might make will still be wrapped in plastic , it just won’t be vegan. Just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. If you would like to talk further to us about this issue, or have any great ideas for how to stay safe while keeping food quality high we’re all ears. Thanks for sticking with us as we do our best to keep our community safe and well fed.

Orders can be placed by messaging us here/ calling or texting your order to 613-876-1357.

Things we need to process your order:  To proceed, we’ll need your name, phone number(for delivery updates) and address. Your total plus tax (or you can let us math wizards figure it out). Feel free to add a tip on there if you feel it-or just throw us a beer (or nug)  at pickup 😂  Etransfers can be send to using the password kingston1 or we can also arrange credit card payments-just ask.

How delivery works:  This week’s deliveries will on Saturday and Sunday- or if you’d prefer a contactless pickup in downtown Kingston. This week we offer free delivery between Yarker and Kingston. You’ll recieve a message from us when your order is on the way/ready to go- then we ding dong dash and you get to eat the best vegan food in town, in your jammies.

Orders are due by Thursday evening, to allow us time to prepare your order at our commercial kitchen Friday. Thanks again for the continued local love Kingston! You’re the reason we’re still here ❤



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