Let us “essentially service” you. đŸ˜˜Still slinging the best vegan food in town-now right to your door.

Things sure have changed since the last time I wrote you a love letter. Only to start, just kidding-don’t come visit us at our first international event in Los Angeles. Also just kidding about coming to the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market to eat our food-you can’t do that either (the Memorial Center is now Kingston’s official Covid-19 testing facility)…not nearly as tasty.

However! You still need to eat, emotionally now more than ever đŸ¤£and since we are no longer encouraged to leave the house-our schedules just cleared up for family meals, lunches together and Cinnamon bun Sundays (Tm). We’ll bring it right to your door, but keep yer cooties to yourself-contactless is the way to go! Please have you orders in by Saturday afternoon for Sunday delivery. We can’t wait to see your faces (looking at us through your window in pajamas, while making your dog wave at us)!

Place your order *here*(please add tax to your totals, or let this math whiz do it for you)

Preferred payment in via e transfer to knifeyspooneykingston@hotmail.com (using kingston1 as the password)

You can also call or text your order to 613-876-1357

April 5

If you’re not able to get home delivery, but would *really* like to be eating cinnamon bunz, I have a dorky video I made for you here: Enjoy!


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