Holiday Menu Times

Ah the holidays. A time for awkward family conversations, working on your best fake-delight-yet-excited face, and filling your already cramped house with a bunch of tacky crap! With sparkles! Just kidding, we love the holidays-you forget about how much winter sucks, social drinking aplenty and sparkles and twinkling lights are awesome! In excess! Our favorite part of the holidays is, of course, the FOOD. Yum! We have prepared for you a deluxe holiday menu for a plant based feast. If you’re feeding a plant based eater this holiday,let us help you! You can put in your order here or contact us directly to pay with cash or debit at pickup. This year, you get more than a side dish!

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Pickup will be the last two Sundays before Christmas at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market, or at another place and time that works better for your schedule if we can arrange it. Please have your orders in by Dec 20th.

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