A Harry Potter Themed Christmas Feast

To set the scene, please play this music while you read any further (it’s been playing on a constant loop in my head for the past two weeks, so now I return the favor-you’re welcome)

For the past 6 months, our youngest has been living hard in Potter-dom. It truly is a joy to see your kids discover the magic of something you’ve enjoyed so much (Star Wars and Jurassic Park also happily fall into this category). Now that we’ve entered this delightful new phase of collective geekery, we get to imagine together how to make our lives feel a little bit more like Hogwarts. Unfortunately for vegans, we are often left out of (or afterthought-ed) when it comes it themed events and cool dinners. This event is partially work-becomes-play-becomes-work and partially a seasonal gift to fellow lovers of all types-magic, witches, a good story, a book on a snowy day, collective merry making, and *food*. It will be a collection of favorites from the Harry Potter universe, with a ‘tip of the wizard’s hat’ to British fare. We’ll make it plant based, because in our version kindness and bravery apply to all things and we’ve frequently been told that our food is vegan magic. If you’re gluten free, we’re thought of you too, and your dessert will be *amazing*, but you have to sacrifice yorkshire pudding for it with a disappearing spell.

We’ve tried really hard to make it accessible to everyone (don’t get me started on how elitist and expensive events for small children are-but if you’ve ever taken your kids to some characters dancing around on ice, you know). A single person is $25 plus tax and a family is $100 for up to three kids. This might still be out of reach for some folks, and we want you there still. Send us a message here. We are looking for volunteers who would like to help us create some magic-either in the kitchen or by creating a delightful “Grand Hall” for our feast. A couple hours of your time and dinner is on us.

Attending Witches and Wizards are encouraged to come in costume, or not. But most definitely bring your imaginations and come hungry.

A harry Potter Themed Christmas feast (1).jpg



Click here for tickets.

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