Let’s Fall in Love

Here we freakin’ are. We made it to September friends, and I finally have a second to breathe. And by that, I mean spend the day in the endless circle of hell of trying to recover email/wordpress/other email passwords. I’ve been locked out of this very website for most of the summer, and finally had a whole day to devote to changing that. So woo hoo, here we are. There is so much we want to share with you, and thank you for, and love on you about and so forth that’s it’s hard to know where to even start.

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A great place to start is with thank yous. Thank you from the bottom of our cold, dead hearts for showing up all summer to enthusiastically eat our food. It’s because of you we got to spend our best days of summer doing what we love best, serving up great plant based eats at *the most* fun places. Skeleton Park Arts Fest, Wolfe Island Music Fest, and Back to the Farm-we’d wanna be there anyways, but this way we got to show up, meet everyone, eat all the food, have all the fun and come home and do it again the next week. You have been so kind with your reviews, your offers to help, your bringing us things when we’re stuck in the busiest places for hours on end. Because of you we’ve had our most successful season yet, we got to grow our  business and also have funds to play with our family.

Photo courtesy of PostShyHannah Photography

As we get set to be married Sept 28th, know that your business is the reason it gets to be so damn fabulous and you play a role in our love story.

Pictured here, a weekend on Elbow Lake catering for the Aquahacking finalist retreat. Great people, great cause, fun with food.


We’ve got to be part of your special days too. To our couples, thank you for trusting us to be part of your weddings-despite sometimes obvious growing pains (like that time we showed up completely ready *an entire day early*for your wedding.) It is incredibly special to be there to soak up your love magic, and also for all of the free drinks.

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A reason to be fancy-a really thorough dress rehearsal.

Speaking of free drinks, we seemed to get plenty of those (and for that person who paid with a joint, hero).

That time TopShelf was our favorite. And we were on an island.

Which leads me to an important point, which is that drinking and driving isn’t cool kids. So thanks to a great summer, and a little bit of inheritance that I got from my cattle ranching Alberta fam-we bought a new place to hang our tipsy hats and a kick ass mobile work station. Everybody, meet our Boler. Boler, meet everybody! We’re hoping the slower months will mean time to give ‘er a facelift-a sexy new body and updated functionality for our work inside. Stay tuned, we’re so flippin’ excited for what’s to come.

Boler’s first rip ‘er.

That brings us full steam ahead to planning our own wedding, which is now mere days away. So other than pledging our devotion to each other in front of everyone we know, we’ve got other big things in the works this fall for our sweet little business.

You can find us in September at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market- Sunday the 15th and 22nd,  with your favorites Lobster Rolls, gluten free pulled BBQ mushroom nachos, breakfast bagel-wiches, and tons of take home meals for your busy life. If  that doesn’t work for your schedule, don’t hesitate to reach out to us personally-we frequently carry stock and can arrange for a pick up at your convenience. The rest of September is focused on creating an incredible wedding feast for our guests and trying not to stress the small stuff. Thanks for your patience as we step out for a minute 🙂

We do have some goodies coming up for you in the fall though, so hold on to your butts! I’m thrilled to announce that in October we will participate in our very first restaurant takeover!!!

thumbnail_00000IMG_00000_BURST20190903124143210_COVERA chance to play all day in a place where you can sit, eat and enjoy our hospitality as well. It will be a beautiful fall drive by the water to reach our location of The Lodge in Bath, On.


Since it’s halfway to Prince Edward County, we are thrilled to be featuring  Viticult plant based cheese-we had their bleu and bree at our Fruit Moon Dinner at Karlo Estate this summer, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever tried before.

Using traditional cheese making techniques, Kelly achieves out of cashews and aquafava what we plant eaters have been dreaming of for a decade. Just incredible, and will be  featured on our lunch menu. The catch? We’re just there for one day. We hope to feature breakfast, lunch and dinner-so watch for the official announcement with more details on how you can snag a spot.

Other exciting things on the horizon, we’re taking this show on the road to Niagara Falls! We’ll be attending the Eat Drink Thrive food  festival at the Scotiabank Center on October 19th-fun!

Disclaimer: Can only promise fireworks in your mouth.                                                                    Photo credit: Niagara tourism

From there, we start planning our next Vegan Night Market-this time at a larger location and even more good times-I promise you’ll be the first to know when we’re finalized on our dates and particulars. We’re also looking to start our cooking classes back up for the winter season, so if there is something you’re dying to learn-get at us 🙂

As we look forward to what’s to come for the rest of the year we want to thank you again for everything you’ve done to support us and share us with the community. We live in the best place. We have the best friends and customers. Our cup once again runneth over….and we’re trying our best to stay humble, stay grateful, and keep pumping out top quality food for you and for the world. So thanks.

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Rad’s best attempts at staying grounded ha ha. Pictured with Liz Cooper Photography



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  1. tonyaball says:

    Such exciting things to come! Can’t wait for the wedding!!! See you soon!


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