Dropin’ like it’s hot….Easter menu

Okay, perhaps the title isn’t wholey appropriate- so please excuse my weak attempt at food humour if it’s personally offensive to you. I didn’t mean it, and I promise I’m actually a good person (who occasionally drops it cause it’s hot). Speaking of renewal, it’s almost spring! Technically it already is, but the weather around these parts has yet to prove it. Since my 12 year old has had his Easter plans mapped out since Christmas, he’s lit a fire under my ass to get a menu together for all you other planners. One of the things I used to do when the kids were little (carrying on my mother’s tradition) is an Easter morning scavenger hunt for their treats. Starting in their bedroom, they followed a trail of riddles and clues (each with a treat usually up high so the dogs didn’t die during the night of chocolate poisoning) to the end prize of their baskets. They *loved* it, and have refused to grow out of the tradition. I’m asked on a daily basis if I’m still going to do it this year. They can be my babies as long as they want to, frankly. One particularly memorable year was one in my tiny apartment as a single mother. Because it was so small and there was very limited places to hide things, I asked my across the hall neighbor if I could hide the final big baskets in her place-and would text her to open her door when they woke up and started looking. Fast forward to her forgetting her agreement and having a little too much fun the night before. The final clue arrives, and finds us banging on her door, which is answered by a clearly hungover strange man. Happy Easter kids. So we took our cigarette smoke smelling Easter prizes, and high tailed out of there. Eeeepp. Adventures in single parenting.

We’d love to be part of building your Easter traditions, so have collected our favorite foods to bring to your table. Whether you celebrate religiously or not, now is a perfect time to give thanks, practice peace and renew your spirit. And also stuff yer face, don’t forget that part.


So without further ado, I present to you our Easter menu. You can shop the full collection here. Or send us a message here to place your order. We will have your order for pickup at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market on April 14th 10-2 or April 18 4-8. Just let us know if you need alternate pickup times or delivery.


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