🌮A Vegan Night Market is Coming to Kingston!🤸‍♂️

Hi there friends! I’m here to talk about a few of the downsides of being a vegan in a smaller city (feel free to add your own, I’ve been doing this for a while-but the possibilities are endless).

  1. If you’re single and looking for another vegan with which to mingle, there are probably a grand total of two or less possible candidates. (For those of you who might be discouraged, it *is* possible to date a meat enthusiast who, in their own time chooses vegan-it does happen. They call this the booty effect.)
  2.  You can pretty much guarantee that if you do get a vegan option, it’s touched something gross along the way. (A completely vegan restaurant? What’s dis?)
  3. When you do go to a totally vegan restaurant in a larger city you will make a fool out of yourself by weeping/taking pictures of everything/squealing very loudly/eating a 20 person portion.
  4. You are the creepy guy at the grocery store who, upon seeing someone purchasing almond milk, tofu *and* nutritional yeast at the same time-have to poke into their personal life and make awkward conversation about eating vegan food.
  5. You miss out on lots of the bigger city goodies like vegan bake-offs, giant food festivals, whole stores that are plant based (knowing your cilantro didn’t touch chicken juice on the scale-priceless) and almost all restaurants having a bitchin’ vegan option.

But hey- Kingston’s not bad, and it’s getting not bad-er by the day! We’ve got a dedicated vegan restaurant! We’ve got upscale establishments creating entire vegan menus! We’ve got tempeh at Food Basics (not so basic anymore, are ya?)! We’ve got incredible local talent, bringing innovation and creativity around every corner *ahem*! Aaaand! We’ve got a vegan night market! Yeah! Let me paint you a picture…….

Bad ass vendors as far as the eye can see-some from here, lots imported from Toronto, Ottawa and in-betweenie.

A classy af venue (well like, Kingston classy).

It’s at night, and in the winter-so honestly what else (other than our beloved pajamas and netflix) do you have to do on a friday night? I promise it will be warm *and* the snacks will be waaaay better than your couch.

There will be people playing tunes, and there’s a bar-like an all you can eat vegan grocery store, but you can be drunk ( don’t get too drunk though, you wanna remember all the food you ate, or at least keep it down enough to complain about how full you are).

If you eat plant based, at almost no other time can you have a decadent ice cream cone, hand made artisan chocolates, a lobster roll, fancy cheezus, incredible pastries, asian tacos, raw cheezecakes, kombucha, even more mind blowing pasties (and then even more), hard to get pantry items and beer all at the same time. Even if you’re not plant based, this is the place to answer all of your burning “do you ever miss….???” questions. No , Karen, I don’t. Even if you’re just a foodie that gets pumped about new things to try. Even if you have never eaten one vegan thing in your life and are the world’s biggest skeptic-you still have to come. Because everyone will be talking about it, and because pictures will be everywhere, and because damn it-you deserve this much fun, food and excitement all in one place. Get your stretchy pants ready, you’re going to need them.

Kingston Vegan Night Market (1)

Find Knifey Spooney at Kingston’s first Vegan Night Market-March 15th from 6-10 at the Renaissance Center 285 Queen Street. Probably doing something weird, or abandoning their stall to binge eat.

Also look for some fun media spots in the weeks leading up to-we’ll be sharing recipes and probably be doing something really awkward on air. Don’t miss it!





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