Gourmet Lunch Boxes-Coming to Kingston’s food desert

Have you ever tried to get a healthy and delicious lunch in central Kingston? You’ve got a plethora of greasy unhealthy lunch options, with the exception of our most beloved Tandoori Sizzle (get the channa masala with sliced samosa and dhal soup, you won’t regret it).


But unlike us, the folks at Town Loft have made it clear that you *can’t* eat curry every day for lunch. We disagree, but whatever. Jane was pretty excited to meet us and show us her event space-which is indeed as adorable as she claimed. 49825313_338055873463793_8834253213927473152_n

Tucked upstairs in an unassuming strip mall of offices and various sensible type workplaces lies an oasis of colour and retro style.

download (1)
In it’s old life, which will now be ironic.

Town Loft is a multi use space with room for events, a darling little cafe counter and curated treasure in the form of a gorgeous collection of previously loved goods, which fits in so nicely with our mission of sustainability. If you ever want to trick me into having a lengthy conversation with you, ask me how much I love second hand shopping (You’re the only one with it! It’s like treasure hunting! You can get a whole wardrobe for the cost of one new thing! It supports reusing what is already created! And on and on). The hardest thing about our meeting was staying focused on why were there (food) and not scouring the racks for my next treasure.50024003_2306043216293375_7431164089260310528_n

We love the space, she loved our food and thus was birthed our idea to offer Gourmet lunch boxes for the uptown Kingston set. It’s hard to get something nourishing to eat, even harder to find a cool place to have it in, and even harder to find something plant based.

Pull up a seat new friend!
So starting next Wednesday, we’ll be offering a delicious new lunch option! You can eat it at Town Loft and check out the lovely space and all the fun treasures. You can get it to go and take it back to work (where you can eat it while staring at a computer screen :), or you can have us bring it to you (hugs are and delivery are extra.)
Orders can be placed online here.
Alternately, you can text 613-876-1357 or email us to place your order by Tuesday evening the week of. 

Gourmet lunch box menu 3

 Not bad for a Wednesday! We can’t wait to feed you!

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