Look out Memorial Center Farmer’s Market-Here we come!

For the first time ever, we have to consistently get out of bed and be somewhere!

Coffee on coffee on coffee

Whu-Ohh, let’s hope there’s enough coffee in the world! Looks like these kids can call themselves grown ups now! We’re starting our run at the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market this Sunday (Jan 13th)and daaaaaamn we’re excited about it. This is pretty much where you’ll find us every Sunday anyways, so now we get paid to be there! Have you been? Let me tell you how Jolene woo-ed us to apply despite the scary commitment…

1.) Farmers only supply produce from 100 miles within Kingston, the only one like it in our city! Eating food produced closer to home helps our local economy, means your food is the freshest and tastiest it can be, and is the most environmentally sound.

This is the market in the summmer, you can almost feel the sunshine. (photo cred visitkingston)

2.) There is live music that is really really good. (Barb-please play at our wedding, you game me shivers you were so good)

3.) You can bring your dog. OMG, doggie and me date times!!! (there’s a dog park next door) They even have dog days at the market where you they have photo booths (this one is by our wedding photographer Liz Cooper), obstacle courses (that our pug just peed on) and free goodies for the puppos!

Look at their cute happy faces

4.) 🎵Here are a few of my favorite things 🎶:

  • Tammara from Real Food Gananoque‘s Sweet and Salty kale chips and the onion raw crackers. And pretty much everything she makes. Also she’s my best friend, and our kids have been best friends since we were babies. And she was the first vegan I met when I moved to Kingston from Texas,  she’s the most giving human in the world,  her farm is sublime, *and* we dreamed that one day we’d grow up and have vegan food businesses and here we are HAVING SIDE BY SIDE VEGAN FOOD BUSINESSES. Ahhhhhh! Plus we pretty much haven’t seen each other since we started our business, so at least we’ll spend a whole day in the same place ha!

    I can’t promise the food will make you glow like she does tho. But chances are better than with our nachos.
  • Tim and Tracy from Main Street Market. Firstly, their farm is like two blocks from the market, so you honestly can’t get much closer than that. Tim was also one of the first people I met in Kingston, and *man* they have a passion for vegetables.screen-shot-2018-02-10-at-5.05.49-pm Plus we share a commercial space and they are so generous and accommodating all the time. Also, try their Japanese pancake….freakin delicious! Their hand made Sriracha is also a favorite-did you know the store bought stuff is full of preservatives and garbage?
  • Have you heard about Farm Sum Ecological Farm? Not only is it run by another queer couple, but they ‘re kinda celebrities! There is a film made about them that will be showing at Reelout 20 (Kingston’s Queer film fest) this year. You can fangirl while eating the most delicious and authentic Dim Sum dumplings (my favorite brunch food of all time)-the filling is terrific, the dough is greasy and dreamy and you get some fantastic pickled veggies on the side.xiaobing-from-long-road
  • Kelly’s Gourmet Mushrooms. These are the new kids in town, and I had the chance to spend some time getting to know the story of how their farm came to be. While we love jackfruit, we’ve switched over most of our recipes to mushrooms for their incredible nutrient load and protein content. Lots of conventionally available oyster mushrooms come all the way from Korea, which for those of you that are geographically uninclined, is really, really far away. They also do this weird thing when you cut them and smell kind of like chemicals-no big surprise. So we were tickled to find a local producer-their quality is absolutely amazing, they have the most gorgeous varieties, and their production process is *so* environmentally friendly.

    Our best gal Linda and me doing shrooms

5.) There are always really fun activities for the kids, usually with a great theme to connect them with their food and the planet. Though warning, taking kids will mean they will want everything and you will bleed money.

Eating all of my money away since 2009.

6.)  There is honestly nothing better than connecting with people who are passionate about what they do and what they create. Each purchase you make here versus at a chain or a grocery store puts money back into your community, instead of into the pockets of rich mega companies. It’s the best way you can vote with your dollars!

7.) We’ll be there and we’ll have samples! If you’re used to just seeing us on the internet-come meet us in person (warning, we’re slightly less attractive without instagram filters and more awkward when I can’t go back and delete something because it goes too far or isn’t actually funny)

Here’s what we’ll  have with us:

For hot foods:

  • Gluten Free Chilli Cheese Nachos! What? Yum! Here’s how we do it-tri coloured cornchips, a saucy Beyond Meat chilli, a creamy and zesty vegetable based queso (that’s nacho cheeze sauce for the layperson), cashew sour cream and cilantro if you like. Hot sauce optional but encouraged.

    thumbnail_fullsizerender 5
    Nacho-average fare
  • Seitan Souvlakis with cashew tzatziki. First, I finally learned how to spell tzatziki after making and writing it 20 million times. Second, this was one of our best sellers over the summer and the reason Jolene harassed us to join the market. It’s really flippin good. We hand roll the sausages, then grill em for you to perfection. They get a cool and creamy cucumber/garlic/lemon sauce that will knock yer socks off.

    Photo cred: Oransberry

For to-go-sies:

  • Basil ricotta. This one is our most popular item, just wait until you taste it. Perfect for your next lasagna or pasta dish, though I’ve also heard of weirdos eating it on toast or straight from spoon to mouth.page 4
  • Seitan sausages. Sold in packs of two, insert into your recipes where you would traditioanlly use sausages. Sear before use for maximum deliciousness. Also keeps well in the freezer. We’ll have spicy calabrese, applewood smoked and souvlaki flavours to choose from.
  • Nut based chevre. This one has been my personal fave for years. Almond and cashew based,  it’s perfect for a plant based charcutterie, on a sandwich or right from the bag.


pg 3 product jpg

Friends, we are so excited to feed you! Even more if you haven’t been to the Memorial Center Farmer’s Market, we’re pumped to share with you our favorite place and some of our favorite people. See you soon!

It’s 10-2, we’ll only need 3 coffees to get there at that time



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