🥣 Eats and Events-December 🎄

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How did this even happen? Here we are in the last month of the year! And as everyone joyfully asks “are you all ready for Christmas?” I’m going to ask again “who the f- are these people who actually are?” Certainly, *certainly* not I. No, I’m not ready because I’ve been planning what food you’re going to eat. And also, why miss out on all the fun last minute scrambling ha ha? So let me present our plans for you this month.

It was a pleasure to meet so many new faces (and a surprising amount of our actual downtown neighbors) at The Fat Goose Craft Show on Queens campus. It’s been my favorite show as an attendee-with the most amazing artisans and Harry Potter-esq locale, and even more fun as a vendor. Thanks for selling out our hot food line-up, and for your shameless compliments on our goods (food goods to clarify ;)) For those of you that have already eaten all of your take home goodies, remember that our product line is available for purchase at The Grocery Basket!  The first thing we sold out of was our ricotta, which is creamy and full or protein and good fats. It’s *perfect* for making your own lasagna, but if you can’t be bothered-you can buy a premade lasagna from us here. It comes with incredibly high praise and a guaranteed carb overload. We also have new items up on our website with more to come, including Beyond Burgers which will be restocked on Friday.

This weekend (December 8th) we get to participate in the first annual Ottawa Vegan Night Market.43556296_1167539413401292_6006510754138685440_o

To say we are excited about this is an understatement, and our fellow vendors are so incredible that it’s unlikely we’ll keep any of our earnings-shut up and take my money, ya know? (I’m looking at you, everybody) It’s our first time taking Knifey Spooney to Ottawa, so we’re nervous and excited to meet and serve a whole new community of vegans. I highly recommend making the trip if you’re able, cause hot *damn* it’s gonna be a foodie paradise. We’ll be serving up hot nachos and other slick goods to make your tummy happy. Check out this vendor line up with rascals like

 Little Jo Berry’s


Faux Mad Cheese


Kitty Kate Confections

And  Eat Lover, who are who transformed the vegan donut game in our sweet city and will help us rep YGK.


After we come down from our sugar high, it’s time for us to show you how to make your very own Christmas meal! We’re bringing back the Roulade, but just to show you how-after last year we said “never again!” and it’s still too soon for us to offer it for sale. But it’s fancy as f*ck and we can totally show you how to recreate it at home. We’re also going to teach you how to make a rich gravy without meat juice run off, and perfect mashed potatoes (sounds easy but I just learned I’ve been doing it wrong my whooooole life). Also, nothing is nothing without a great dessert-so we will be making a pumpkin cheesecake topped with a sweet caramel cinnamon sauce. And guess who gets to eat the leftovers (👍this guy, that’s who!).

If making it yourself sounds like too much work, or perhaps you’re as time crunched as we are-let us spoil you with a chef created holiday meal.

This year we’ll be making Tourtierre, stuffing loaded sweet potatoes, a beautiful kale salad (because eat something green with all those carbs, damn it), holiday spice bundts with cultured cream cheese icing, mac and cheeze (cause kids are picky as hell) and even charcutterie party platters. Order by Dec 20th to ensure you’re items! Pickup and delivery is available from the 21st-24th.

Being a plant based eater around the holidays can be sad (or at least many a holiday was for me. I tried being a vegetarian as a teenager, and it was exactly Christmas day that broke me), but we exist to make you happy. You’re not an afterthought, you’re our only thought. Your choices matter, and you matter. If you’ve sent this year as a plant based eater, thank you from the 100+ animals that got to live this year because you didn’t eat them. If not, we love you still and with 2018 coming to a close, it’s almost time for a fresh new start. Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing, though. You’re here, and you’re reading this-which means you care enough to hear my words and curious about what we have to say. So I’ll encourage you to start where you’re at, reach out if you need help or support, and know that changes, no matter how small can have a ripple effect on the world that you wouldn’t believe. Let’s celebrate peace with peace. Love with love. Compassion for all with compassion for all. So from our big, loud, frequently covered in flour family, we wish you the happiest of holidays, and thank you for your support this year as we grew beyond our wildest dreams with you right along with us. Peace.

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