What’s up – November editionπŸ₯“

Hey all, we know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for an update so here’s what’s up for November!!πŸ§€πŸ₯“πŸ±β€πŸ‘“πŸŽ‚πŸ‘Œ

First of all, thank you infinitely for your love and support following Rad’s surgery on Oct. 3. To the people that sent beautiful messages of cheerleading, to the meals that showed up on our doorstep, to the gentle hugs, to doing our dishes-you bright shining souls made this journey that much easier. Thank you thank you thank you. Rad is still on the mend and can’t work, which in real talk means literally having to fight him off from picking up a cast iron pan on a very regular basis. This part of recovery certainly has it’s own set of challenges, so thanks for your continued understanding as we continue to navigate these healing waters and try to run our business within our current limited capabilities.

Same cool dude, recently got something major off his chest.Β 

With that said, we still have to pay the rent (ahhh, the joys of being self employed) so there are still lots of ways to enjoy Knifey Spooney goodness in the coming month or so. We have two dreamy cooking classes coming in November for you. We’ve decided to switch formats a bit, as people seemed a bit confused as to which (beginner or intermediate) class they would fit into. So we’ve taken that part out- just come and learn a new thing regardless of where you’re at. If it’s too easy,Β  try cooking it with your non dominant hand, in the dark, or on danger level heat. Excitement! Challenge! The first class is on vegan cheesemaking!

Vegan Cheesemaking 101

I feel like I *may* have told a person or two that I would have to take off a limb if they wanted our recipes, but then remembered that most of our recipes were inspired by talented other’s creations (lookin’ at you Jess, the almond chevre is still a favorite on heavy rotation!) and our mission is to make a more vegan world. With so many people telling us that cheese is the one thing that is holding them back from fully embracing a plant based lifestyle, we just *have* to show you how. Also, you might be as lazy as me and even though you know how to make it-you’ll probably still buy ours πŸ™‚ (For example: I make a *killer* tofu scram but Copper Branch gets my money more often than I like to admit, all because of my overworked lazy ass. ) You can buy your tickets to our class right here.

Next up, we’re lending our talents to fundraising for Home Free Farm! We had a chance to visit this sweet farm at their open house after Vegfest. We fell in love with all of the rescued animals, and we both felt called to help raise money to get these animals through the winter. All profits go back to the animals, and you get a bitchin’ meal and movie for a great price! Tickets can be purchased here.

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On a side note, have you seen how adorable pigs are?

Like, come on Winnie-ya cute face

In other news related to not eating pigs (who by the way are as smart as dogs and have human eyes)…….let me introduce our second cooking class for November!

Bacon fest

F-yeah!!! Amiright?? Maybe I’m more excited about this than anyone else will ever be. ( I think my “fear-of-missing-out” complex may be the driving force of my veganism lol) Let us show you how to fake it πŸ˜‰ Buy tickets to Bac-un fest here.

Other exciting things happening this month at The Grocery Basket is our very first **PRODUCT LAUNCH** on Saturday Nov. 17 from 2-4. You can come and try our product line *for free* (my favorite words ;), meet us face to face, and check out some of the other amazing local food and produce they have available. Stay tuned for more details but save the date now!

Finally, due to an overwhelmingly high demand-we’ve decided to start offering Beyond Burgers for sale directly to consumers. Not yet available in stores, purchase your two packs here! From there, you just pick it up from us and sail away into the burgery beyond.

We wish you all the most spectacular month, and look forward already to writing next month’s letter-where I get to talk about *SANTA*. (Also, if you didn’t see this post, we already have very limited availability for private catering engagements during the holiday season-so get at us quick if this was a service you were looking for!)

Signing off with all the love,




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