Shiny Happy Holiday People


When we woke up to a blanket of snow this past¬†Saturday, there was no escaping it-winter is on the way. While some (like the snowboard loving Knifey) rejoice at a fresh fallen snow, I retreat into my collection of huge sweaters and toques which will become my permanent uniform for the next six months. There is this brief period before Christmas that it seems like it proceeds “real winter”, where things look like a postcard, people haven’t lost their optimism to damp pant legs and cold toes, and everything sparkles at night. That. That’s what I’ll leave my house for. I shamelessly love the holidays, and my 20 years of hoarding antique serving dishes is *finally* paying off, as I can use them to make our tasty foods look top shelf on your table. It’s a damn delight, and in my opinion justifies all the pouting when my partner tells me I have too many.

One too many platters? This picture disagrees.

This post is your friendly reminder that the holidays coming. Not in a, start lining up now to get the latest item your loved one doesn’t need, but in a “what can you start now with love, that will take time but create meaning.” Maybe it’s start a rough draft of a short story, poem or picture you’ll make for your partner. Perhaps it’s time to start learning the notes of the song you’d like to learn for your mom. In my case, it’s time to take and print some pictures so my mom who lives far away can show off her grandkids.

A basic Christmas

Whatever it is, here is kindly reminder to make some plans. I promise, you will be so glad you did and your mom might even cry.

I can’t guarantee you can get a nice picture of your kids though.

If some of the memories you’d like to make this year involve a glittery Christmas shindig with lots of laughing friends and incredible, decadent food- we’re your guys, and it’s about the time to start making those plans.


Part of the joy of what we do is that it’s *so much* more than just food. Our gift to you and the world is that food is love, food is happiness, and through plant based eating- you can explore your own gifts, and those you choose to share with all of us. For example, the gift of health, when it’s lacking, not much else seems important and it’s hard to show up fully in your life. Eating a spread without heavy meat and cheese this holiday season leaves room for a) more good eatin’¬† b) your cholesterol with thank you c) your January self will also thank you.

Photo credit: Josh Sauer Photography

Plant based eating tends to be higher in vitamins, minerals, good fats and fiber than any other. It also doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and sleepy, so go ahead an have another helping-it’s made of *vegetables*. Another gift we have the share is our best wishes and best actions for the future of our planet and our children. There is is serious doom and gloom out there about our planet folks. Plant based eating is the most sustainable, and helps counter some of the waste and opulence that tends¬†to come with this time of year.¬† We don’t do many things as often as we eat, so every meal you have a new chance to vote with your dollars. We can’t do everything (did you know they don’t recycle wrapping paper, and I see you throwing those batteries in the trash) but you can do something. Choosing plant based foods for a holiday meal is a great place to start.

With a whole year under our belt, we have big plans to make the holidays really special for you (and for us, we already know what we’ll be drinking Christmas morning ha ha)

That rosy glow.

…and we eat what we make you, and we’re our own toughest critics-so it better be spectacular.


We’ve learned a lot, cooked a lot and eaten a lot (for your benefit of course ūüėČ and now have some really great plans for vegan eats this year in Kingston around the holidays. You can expect to hear more about what we’ll be offering in the coming weeks, but for those of you hoping to have us cater your private¬†Christmas party, Holiday shindig or Office get together-contact us now to reserve your date,¬†as we have very limited availability already.

Like this, but at your house!                                   Photo Credit: Josh Sauer Photography


Other things we’re pumped about, a new shopping cart feature coming to our site allowing you to purchase*BEYOND BURGERS* directly from us, and other more seasonal goodies to serve at your dinner parties and special events. Think charcuterie baskets, holiday-type¬†cheesecakes, special baking trays and other goodies to make the season more tasty. Finally, we will be featuring a December cooking class where we guide you through making a plant based holiday meal, but if you’re busy or lazy-we’ll also be offering things pre-made to¬†make the big day extra special and stress free.

Stay tuned friends, winter is coming and we’re already hungry.


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