*BIG* Knifey Spooney news!

Many moons ago, as I sat trying *once again* to piece together a meal from sub par side dishes, I made a commitment to bring bad ass vegan options to this city if it was the last thing I did. After meeting Cait, this “last thing” became our “first thing”. Cait certainly wasn’t a vegan when we met, but dazzled me with amazing culinary skills and a keen desire to cook outside ‘the norm’. Not only that, Cait managed to thrive in the restaurant industry, working their way to the top, despite the ‘boys club’ mentality -#anewdayisonthehorizon. Over the years, Cait’s amazing culinary talents coupled with my passion for food and innovation has allowed this idea to grow from a twinkle in our eyes to a genuine, thriving business.

Over the years, Kingston has gotten a bit better(though took 12 steps back when The Sleepless Goat closed it’s doors). A veg guide was released, some restaurants started carrying vegan cheese for pizza (though ask any chef what they think of the current vegan cheese offering-we’re not changing any hearts there), while others learned what the word vegan meant lol. But still, no one would take plant based eating seriously, or treat it as anything but an afterthought. Just follow the instagram feed of any Kingston vegan, and you’ll see how seriously we take our food, and how much time and money we put into travelling to find the good stuff. After waiting for someone (anyone?!) to realize what an untapped market this was, we ended up having to build it our damn selves. For the past few months, we’ve been showering Kingston with vegan food blessings, but still had very few places to eat ourselves. For certain, there are some great options at YGK restaurants, but as serious foodies, we want high end *and* we want to be more than an afterthought. And gimme some choices, you know? It’s embarrassing going into a vegan restaurant and crying because I can eat everything on the menu.

Enter this week (which shall now be known as THE.BEST.WEEK.EVER). It all started with a dinner party at our home with an omnivore friend (who happened to be Atomica’s newest rock star chef Cass Mercier). Skeptical as anything about our vegan ways, we ate and drank our way through some vegan BBQ pork bunz, peking duck and charcuterie. As we got talking, we hatched a plan to take over the world starting with Kingston. Two days later, we’re at a tasting meeting with one of Kingston’s most successful restaurateurs, and a handful of heavy hitters in the Black Dog Hospitality group.

FullSizeRender (16)
Seen in the background, kids-cause what’s the most important meeting of your life so far without having to parent through it? 😐

To those of you who work in the food industry, I don’t need to tell you how skeptical most chefs are of vegan food. So, we brought our best cheeses and our ideas and hoped that they would love it as much as everyone else seems to.

Good one pizza
Our taste comparison, who will win? Current offerings vs K+S cheeze

And *THEY DID*. They loved it so much that not only will you be able to get vegan pizza with high end, nut based cheese and vegan charcuterie-but Atomica is going to make a *VEGAN MENU* featuring our products.


Not only this, but we’ll be working with Black Dog Hospitality (whom Kingston knows already for their high end cuisine and innovative restaurants) to create out of this world events, in a much slicker way than we’ve been able to produce before. Our cup runneth over. We are *so* proud, and *so* excited. It is our honor to help Kingston take another giant step in their quest to be the most sustainable city in Canada. It starts with your plate, and man- it’s delicious.

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  1. Yay!!! happy to hear it Ladies xo


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